Captain Adam the Birthday Party Entertainer.

  • Story telling.
  • Various games (See descriptions below).
  • Music via his guitar.
  • Main focus on the guest of honour / birthday person.
  • Birthday child receives present.
  • Every child receives a balloon animal.
  • Captain Adam performs for 1 hour.
  • A few prizes are given out to the winners of the games.
  • Age appropriate: 4 to 9 year olds.

Birthday Party Games

He does an ‘Arrrrrrhing’ competition. He teaches the children different pirate sayings.

Captain Adam has a (puppet) parrot that he lets the children pat and Captain Adam gets caught up in his rope and needs the kids to help him out!

He also tells a fun, interactive pirate story where he explains to the children about what he eats on the ship and plays his guitar with this story.

‘Catch the Cannonball’ is another fun game he can play. The kids have to catch and throw the ball but it gets harder and harder as you can only use one arm or balance on one leg etc.

Captain Adam has a theme song which he sings while playing his guitar.

He can also perform a drama competition where he gets the children to be different items like a cannonball…. Ready…..aim……fire! or a beautiful mermaid combing her seaweed hair or he gets the children to walk like a pirate with a wooden leg.

He can play musical statues with pirate actions to music played on his guitar.

He also has a game called ‘The Secret Pirate Game’ where he blindfolds a child and one person from the audience has to say a pirate saying in a different voice and the blindfolded person has to guess who it was.

Includes balloon animals for each child and if there are only 10 children or less, he may do quick, hand-drawn tattoos on the kids hands (a skull or loveheart etc).

Captain Adam the Pirate
Captain Adam the Pirate
Captain Adam the Pirate
Captain Adam the Pirate