Winnie the Witch
Winnie the WitchWinnie the WitchWinnie the WitchWinnie the Witch
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WINNIE THE WITCH is not a scary witch but more of a fun cheeky witch who likes to play tricks on her friends back at the chocolate castle.

Her hour long show starts with a story about herself and where she lives and Winnie talks about some of the other people who live at Princess Candy's Chocolate Castle. This leads into several magic routines where she gets the children to help her (and she gives prizes to her helpers).

After the magic routines, Winnie plays a few games. She will choose the games most suitable for the age of the children at the party, and if there are boys and girls etc but may include a memory game with witchy items or a feeling/guessing game with a bag of creepy crawlies!

Winnie the witch can do balloon animals, glitter tattoos or face painting - depending upon how many children are at the party.

We recommend no more than 20 children at the party