Ric the Magician
Ric the MagicianRic the Magican doing the ghost tubeRic the MagicianRic the MagicianRic the MagicianRic the Magician

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Ric The Magician

Ric is also an accomplished close up magician and has performed at many corporate functions.

Versatile performer for both young children and mature adults.

No audience is too big for him to perform for.

Assisted many organisations in fundraising events by organising magic nights.

With this performer, you will not be disappointed, but absolutely amazed!

Additional Information:
Ric The Magician has been performing for many years and has perfected a wonderful magic show for children and adults. He has won many awards in the Magic Circle including an Australian award for best trick. He presents a fast moving energetic performance that will have all children and adults enthralled at his amazing talent.  His 45 minute to one hour show involves lots of comedy routines has all children involved with particular assistance by the birthday child who performs a lot of the magic with Ric and receives prizes for helping including a balloon animal. 

Ric can cater for big and small audiences and comes with all his own equipment. The show can be performed in a lounge room or a big hall. One thing he asks when he performs, is that the adults put up their feet at their child's party, sit back and enjoy the show. Why should the kids have all the fun! He also performs close up magic at adult functions showing his versatilty with the art of magic.
Age appropriate: 4 years old and up
Very experienced performer with excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
Has had over 30 years experience of teaching children and gains the best responses from them during his act.