Joke Page

When Crystal the Clown was juggling she noticed one of the balls getting bigger. She wondered why, then it hit her.

While Ric the Magician was driving down the road to Tabitha's 7th birthday party he made a quick detour then turned into a driveway.

The part of Shelly the Mermaid that weighs the most are her scales.

Winnie the Witche's favourite subject at school was Spelling of course.

Police were called to a day care center where Mr Mystery was doing a magic show. A 3-year-old was resisting a rest.

The teacher was discussing different jobs held by the parents of the students. When she called on Dean Johnson, she asked, "And what does your father do?" 
"Oh, he's a magician," replied Dean. "Max the Magician"
"Really? And what's his best trick?" 
"His best trick is sawing people in half." 
"Wonderful!" exclaimed the teacher. "Tell me, are there any more children in your family?" 
"Yes ma'am, I have a half brother and two half sisters."

ARE THERE 12 or 13