Gingi the Balloon Girl

Gingi The Balloon Girl
Gingi the Balloon GirlGingi the Balloon GirlGingi the Balloon GirlGingi the Balloon Girl
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Gingi the Ballon Girl

Gingi leaves children amazed and amused with her balloon tricks, her silliness, her games and her outrageousness, and above all her balloons.

Gingi's balloons are cute, mythical, innovative and fun, they'll have you stunned-even 11year old boys are impressed by them and they are the most difficult to stir and engage!

Gingi makes her balloon parties full of fun by playing silly games with the balloons allowing children to relax and laugh.

Gingi also likes to let children have a twist with the balloons, learn to make a creature in a matter of minutes, even create something of their own.

Every child will go home with a hand full of balloons including one that they personally requested, something big, or something fantastic, or a balloon that makes them feel so lucky.

Be warned though, Gingi loves involving the family audience, their participation is a funny part of the entertainment as well as encouraging involvement and loosening up the children.

If you have a specific idea or you need help in moulding something lets work out the best way to create that! Gingi can come anywhere in Melbourne, outer suburbs, Geelong, Mornington, a play centre, a picnic, your backyard, a restaurant

Gingi can make balloons for entertainment, gifts and decor!