Craft Parties
Miss Sticky FingersMiss Sticky Fingers
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Miss Sticky Fingers Craft Show is ideal for those parents who would like to have a more practical, (but still fun) show for their children. It is appropriate for children aged 7 to 12 years old.  There is no minimum number of children but a maximum of 12.

Activities can include (but may depend on what is in stock) :-

- Bead threading to make a necklace, anklet or a bracelet.

- Making a star plaque for the bedroom door.

- Making door hangars (to say things like 'Liane's Room, Keep Out'!) 

Miss Sticky Fingers also has a guessing game with a jar of lollies.

If the children are 10+ she can teach them how to make their own balloon animals.

She can paint fingernails if there is time or do face painting.

Parents please remember that it is important to ask children to wear appropriate clothing to a Craft Party. A smock is preferred, but definitely not a best party dress.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This craft activity can be performed to larger groups at school fetes or other community events, say 60 or so, but to achieve that assistance is required from adults at the gathering. Of course there would be an appropriate increase in fees to cover greater numbers. Please discuss your requirements with us when you call to book

For further details, please call Gary or Elissa Johnson.
Telephone: (03) 9701-5444